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Environmental Policy

Environmental Slogan

Aiming to be an environmentally friendly company that can contribute to society Aiming to be an environmentally friendly company that can contribute to society

Operating mainly as a manufacturer of wire harneses and automotive electrical components, G.S. Electech Group makes it its policy to conduct the following environmental improvement activities in the course of its business.

  • We perform business activities with a low environmental impact to contribute to the preservation of our living environment.
  • We set our environmental aims and objectives based on an environmental management system and, within a review framework, work on the sustainable improvement and prevention of the environmental impact of our organization's activites, products and services.
  • As well as complying with any related laws and other requirements to which we have agreed, we also voluntarily work to eliminate the environmental burden of the following items.

  • We distribute this environmental policy among all our employees and everyone else working with our company and make sure they understand it so that our daily environmental management activities are maintained.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001 Certification

We conduct activities in all aspects of our business in accordance with the above environmental policy.
These activities are inspected every year by an external body (for ISO 14001 certification), and we are also engaged in continuous improvement activities.

Feb 2003 Head Office and Toyota Plant, Kinuura Plant and Komono Plant
Feb 2012 Neba Plant and Tsugu Plant
Feb 2014 G.S.ELECTECH Kyushu Inc.
Feb 2016 G.S.ELECTECH Tohoku Inc.