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Our History

Apr 1967 Company (now G.S. ELECTECH, INC.) established for the winding process for automotive devices.
Apr 1969 KAKUBUN SANGYO KK. (now G.S. ELECTECH, INC) established, \5 million capital.
Jul 1969 Start manufacturing the automotive wire harness.
Dec 1971 Change the company name to SHINSEI HARNESS CORPORATION.
Capital increases to \15 million.
Jan 1975 Capital increases to \30 million.
Jul 1979 Tsugu Plant in Kita Shitara, Aichi starts operations.
Mar 1980 Capital increases to \45 million.
Apr 1980 Complete Head Office and Toyota Plant in Toyota, Aichi.
Feb 1984 Izumida Plant in Kariya, Aichi starts operations.
Apr 1985 Complete Nishio Plant in Nishio, Aichi.
Apr 1986 Komono Plant in Mie starts operations.
Mar 1987 Merge with NAGOYA JIKEN KOGYO KK.
Capital increases to \60 million. Become an affiliated company of NIPPONDENSO CORPORATION (now DENSO CORPORATION).
Jun 1987 G.S. WIRING SYSTEMS, INC. established in Los Angeles, USA.
Aug 1988 Complete new Nagoya plant in Nagoya, Aichi.
Feb 1989 G.S.W. MANUFACTURING INC. established in Ohio, USA.
Apr 1994 Move Head Office to Kariya, Aichi.
Sep 1994 G.S. of WEST VIRGINIA, INC. established in West Virginia, USA.
Apr 1997 Kinuura Plant in Handa, Aichi starts operations.
May 1998 Plant of G.S.W. MANUFACTURING in Reynosa, Mexico starts operations.
Aug 1998 Release "G.S. New Plan 21-I".
Oct 1998 Change the company name to G.S. ELECTECH, INC.
Dec 2000 Close Nagoya plant and move the operations to Toyota Plant and Kinuura Plant.
Jun 2001 Moved Head Office to Toyota, Aichi and register the company in Kariya, Aichi.
Jul 2001 Capital increases to \360 million.
Sep 2001 Close Izumida Plant and move the operations to Toyota Plant.
Dec 2001 Close Nishio Plant and move the operations to Toyota Plant.
Apr 2002 G.S. HARNESS, INC. established integrating Neba Plant and Tsugu Plant.
Feb 2003 Close G.S. of WEST VIRGINIA, INC.
Acquire ISO14001 certification.
Apr 2003 G.S. ELECTECH (THAILAND) CO., LTD. established in Bangkok, Thailand.
Feb 2004 Acquire ISO9001 certification.
Jun 2004 Release "GS New Plan 2010".
Dec 2005 Register the company in Toyota, Aichi.
Jul 2006 G.S. ELECTECH KYUSYU, INC. established in Omura, Nagasaki.
Apr 2007 G.S. ELECTECH KYUSYU, INC. starts operations.
Dec 2008 PT. GS ELECTECH INDONESIA established in Bekasi, Indonesia.
Mar 2009 G.S.W. DE MEXICO, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. established in Reynosa, Mexico.
Sep 2009 Move G.S. ELECTECH (THAILAND) CO., LTD. to Chonburi, Thailand.
Nov 2009 G.S. ELECTECH (THAILAND) CO., LTD. starts operations.
Apr 2010 PT. GS ELECTECH INDONESIA starts operations.
Oct 2010 Merge with G.S.HARNESS, INC.
Jan 2011 GSK, INC. starts operations.
Oct 2011 G.S. ELECTECH CHANGZHOU, INC. established in Changzhou, China.
Nov 2011 G.S. ELECTECH TOHOKU, INC. established in Kakuda, Miyagi.
Mar 2012 Release "VISION 2015".
Apr 2012 G.S. ELECTECH CHANGZHOU, INC. starts operations.
Jul 2012 Launch G.S. ELECTECH, INC. Technical Center in Omura, Nagasaki.
G.S.W. DE GUANAJUATO, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. established in Dolores, Mexico.
Oct 2012 G.S. ELECTECH TOHOKU, INC. starts operations.
Nov 2012 G.S. ELECTECH (CAMBODIA), INC. established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Feb 2013 G.S. ELECTECH (CAMBODIA), INC. starts operations.
Apr 2013 G.S.W. DE GUANAJUATO, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. starts operations.
May 2013 Launch G.S. ELECTECH KYUSHU, INC. Machinery & Tools Center in Omura, Nagasaki.
Mar 2014 Release "GSE2020 Long-term Policy".
Nov 2014 G.S. ELECTECH (THAILAND) CO., LTD. move the operations to the new plant.
Mar 2015 Relerse GSE2018 Medium-term Policy.
Aug 2016 G.S.W. DE MEXICO. S. DE R.L. DE C.V. move the operations to the new plant.